Diesel Direct injection

Governmental regulations and energy concerns are driving the automotive industry to develop very high performing diesel-engine control systems. These improvements enhance electronic throttle control, high voltage injectors and glow plugs applications, just to mention a few. ST offers a strong portfolio of advanced technologies (BCD for combining precision analog, power, digital and non-volatile memory functions; embedded Flash 32-bit microcontrollers for real-time control), coupled with an extensive standard product offering to meet market demands. An example of this enhanced EMS is shown in the block diagram above.


  • SPC56 M-Line, SPC56 A-Line: 32-bit SP56 MCU family
  • L9758: Multi-voltage regulator
  • L9615, L9616: Can bus transceiver
  • L9637: ISO9141 transceiver
  • L9780: Wide-range air fuel lambda control interface
  • L9733: Octal configurable low-/high-side driver
  • L9826: Octal low-side driver
  • L9524: Glow plug system control IC
  • L9781: Multi-valve pre-driver capable of driving 11 external N-channel logic level MOSFETs, controlling up to 5 inductive loads
    through peak and hold (DI Injectors)
  • L9959, L9960: H-bridge motor control drivers
  • L9942: Stepper motor driver for bipolar motors

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