CNG/LPG Engine Control

Both CNG and LPG powertrain systems are cheaper and more eco-friendly in cars than diesel or gasoline systems. Their combustion is comparably cleaner, reducing emissions of particulates and nitrogen oxides. Both fuels are also cheaper than gasoline or diesel. ST offers a strong portfolio of advanced technologies (BCD for combining precision analog, power, digital and non-volatile memory functions; embedded Flash 32-bit microcontrollers for real-time control), coupled with an extensive standard product offering to meet market demands. The block diagram above shows an example of ST’s solution.


  • SPC56 M-Line, SPC56 A-Line: 32-bit SP56 MCU Family
  • L9615, L9616: Can bus transceiver
  • L9637: ISO9141 transceiver
  • L9733: Octal configurable low-/high-side driver
  • L9826: Octal low-side driver
  • L9942, L9935: Stepper motor driver for bipolar motors
  • L99SD01: Integrated solenoid driver for CNG electronic injection systems
  • L9780: Wide-range air fuel lambda control interface
  • VBG08H, VB525, VB526: Single channel driver, with IGBT power stage internally assembled using Chip-on-Chip (COC) hybrid technology
  • L9781: Multi-valve pre-driver capable of driving 11 external N-channel logic level MOSFETs, controlling up to 5 inductive loads
    through peak and hold (DI Injectors)
  • L9959, L9960: H-bridge motor control drivers
  • L9779: ASP provide all basic function for standard engine management control units (Voltage Regulator, switches, pre-drivers, drive

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