Engine Control Unit

With an emphasis on reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy, there is a race on increasing the engine efficiency. The purpose of the engine control unit is to sense the status of the engine and the surrounding systems and control the engine, especially the ignition.
Sensor and driver accuracy play a large role in engine efficiency. This applies to power supplies as well. ROHM offers a wide lineup of power supplies that contribute to greater energy savings, miniaturization and performance in ECUs of all types. ROHM has also developed a broad portfolio of automotive-grade discrete products, including IGBTs for ignition control.

Suggested Products

  • BD3925x – Voltage Trackers
  • BD41020x – LIN Transceiver
  • RSBx – Bi-Directional Zener Diode
  • PMR / LTR – Anti-Surge Chip Resistor

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