Automotive telematics is becoming a key segment in the automotive industry that answers, with its wide range of services such as emergency call, vehicle diagnostics & environment  impact reduction, to the rising demand for vehicle safety and connectivity.

ST’s state of the art technologies and products are key system enablers for  automotive telematics systems. ST offers an extensive set of standard product solutions (integrated circuits and embedded software solutions) for the majority of Telematics building blocks, including GNSS receiver devices , vehicle motion  sensors (accelerometers, gyros)  and  audio amplification devices, for enhanced emergency call applications.

Besides a broad range of standard product offering, ST offers a family of cost optimized System On Chip  solutions for TCU (Telematics Control Unit) implementation that may integrate: GNSS positioning engine, dedicated in-vehicle bus microcontroller digital to analog and analog to digital converters, as well as a wide set of connectivity interfaces to wideband cellular modems and to wireless connectivity modules (BT, WiFI). A sampling of ST products that are applicable to  automotive telematics systems can be found in the following block diagram.

Suggested Products

  • STA80x – Application Processor
  • L9616x – CAN Transceiver

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