HVAC Control Module

The HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system cools the interior using the refrigeration cycle using a compressor and warms by extracting the engine’s waste heat from the coolant. It often includes a manual mode for operating the fan and adjusting the percentage of warm and cold air mixture, and an automatic mode that adjusts the temperature and air flow rate based on a preset temperature.
The following figure shows the block diagram of a typical HVAC system. Switching the power source from the gas engine in conventional vehicles to the electric motor in HEVs and EVs results in a much quieter cabin, which can make the blower noise from the AC or seat heating/cooling fan motor’s noise particularly noticeable. Therefore, to minimize this noise and improve thermal efficiency, it is customary to replace the conventional brushed DC motors used for blower and fan motors with brushless motors.

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