HVAC Control Module

System Benefits

  • High-performance, scalable microcontroller family for various classes of HVAC control algorithms
  • Integrated motor control with diagnostics
  • Dedicated multi half-bridge devices for flap motor control with potentiometer feedback
  • Powerful half-bridge devices (NovalithIC™) with highfrequency PWM capability for the blower control

Suggested Products

  • XC22xx, XC8xx 16/32-bit and 8-bit microcontroller families with dedicated body features
  • TLE6251 – CAN Transceiver
  • TLE7250G – CAN Transceiver
  • TLE49xx – Hall switches
  • TLE8458G –  LIN Transceiver
  • BTF3050TEHITFET™ Protected low-side switches
  • TLE926x – System Basis Chip

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