Recom – Watt DC/DC converters and R-78 switching regulators at very attractive prices

It has been possible to keep the quality on the same high level but to halve the price by optimizing the design, streamlining the manufacturing process and by production in high volumes on RECOM’s own efficient SMT-production lines.

The new E family includes seven converters: the R1SE-0505 (1 W unregulated in SMD case), the REE-0505S & RBE-0505S (1 W unregulated in SIP7 case with different pin-outs), the ROE-0505S (1 W unregulated in SIP4 case), the RKE-0505S/H (1 W unregulated in SIP7 case with 3.75kVDC isolation), the R-78E5.0 (500mA switching regulator in SIP3 case) and the ROF-78E5.0 (500mA switching regulator, open frame SMD construction).

The 1W isolated converters features 5V input/output and operate with efficiencies up to 75% at ambient temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. Such converters are often used for isolation of interfaces or bus systems and RECOM offers five different case and pin-out styles for drop-in compatibility. Despite the low price of the E-series 1W converters, they are fully UL60950 certified to reduce the costs and certification time for the end-application.

The R-78E and ROF-78E series offer all the advantages of a switching regulator (high efficiency, wide input voltage range and accurate output voltage regulation) for a low cost. The regulators need no external components and due to their high efficiencies of 92%, heat sinks are superfluous. Despite the low cost, there has been no compromise in quality. All of the new E-series converters carry RECOM’s usual full 3 year warranty.



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