Network Security with AES and RSA


This Demo illustrates how to use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and RSA (Rivest, Shamir und Adleman) to encrypt and decrypt texts with Synergy S7, the texts are transferred over Ethernet between two Kits.

The texts in a SK-Kit are encrypted using AES and RSA, then these encrypted texts are transferred to another SK-Kit over Ethernet where these texts are decrypted lately, and the results display on the TFT so that user can check the correction of en- and decryption.

On the input window, user can input any texts to be encrypted.

The application also includes key elements to demonstrate how they work together in a typical design, including: ThreadX®RTOS, encrypt and decrypt, Ethernet Server and Client, LCD driver, GUI design, etc..

Please find the detailed information about this demo under the following link: Security



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