HMI development using Segger tools and RZA1 board


This Demo illustrates the HMI development using Segger tools. In this Demo, the GUI elements such as button, list, windows, etc.. are used, and the HMI works so: on the first window a picture list is showed, user can select a picture from this list using a finger through touching the item, then after clicking on the button “OK” on the right and above corner of the window, the selected picture is immediately showed on display; if user wants to return to this picture list again, he only touches the window on the right and under corner of the window. The application also includes some key elements to demonstrate how they work together in a typical design, including: RTOS, LCD driver, GUI design, etc..

In this Demo, the LCD driver and the touch screen driver are integrated, the GUI is also configurated, the project enviroment under Segger emwin is built. So the user can use this Demo as basis to develop their GUI under Segger tools with RZA1board.

Please find the detailed information about this demo under the following link: RZA_Board

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