Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a storage product that “reads” and “writes to a high velocity rotation disk recording medium using a magnetic head.

But not only consumer products benefit from HDDs. From standard industrial PCs to machine and robot controlling, from KIOSK solutions and point of sale systems to large format digital signage display standards, traditional PC technology is moving into more sophisticated applications known as “industrial”.
The implementation of HDDs in industrial applications is increasing rapidly as HDD technology enables unparallel flexibility and opens new dimensions in service and production management. The operating environments of industrial applications differ from standard computing devices, therefore, careful selection of the right HDD solution is vital in avoiding fundamental maladjustment often resulting in premature system failures.

Today’s industrial environments are diverse in nature but still share several characteristics and critical requirements. Industrial drives are designed for integration into applications where digital content needs to be streamed and stored under extreme conditions.

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