Diodes – AP3302 – Diodes’ cost effective QR Controller for Quick Charge 3.0 Application


The AP3302 is a Quasi-Resonant controller optimized for high performance and cost effective Quick Charge applications. It operates in valley lock QR mode to improve system efficiency and EMI performance and will enter the burst mode at no load or light load to minimize standby power.

At no load or light load, the IC will enter the burst mode to minimize standby power consumption. The minimum switching frequency (about 22kHz) is set to avoid the audible noise. When the load increases, the IC will enter valley lock QR mode with frequency foldback to improve system efficiency and EMI performance. The maximum switching frequency (about 120kHz) is set to clamp the QR frequency to reduce switching power loss. Furthermore, the frequency dithering function is built in to reduce EMI emission.

Internal piecewise linear line compensation ensures constant output power limit over entire universal line voltage range.

Comprehensive protection features are included, such as brown out protection, cycle-by-cycle current limit (OCP), VCC Over Voltage Protection (VOVP), Secondary-side Output OVP (SOVP) and UVP (SUVP), internal OTP, Over Load Protection (OLP) and pins’ fault protection.


The AP3302 provides QR mode and Output Under-Voltageprotection (SUVP)

  • QR Improves efficiency across all load levels.
  • SUVP provides protection when charger’s output cable is shorted



  • Quick Charger 3.0 for intelligent Smartphone
  • Switching AC-DC Adapter/Charger
  • ATX/BTX Auxiliary Power
  • Set -Top Box (STB) Power Supply
  • Open Frame Switching Power Supply


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